Beyond What You See


So I’m waiting in a clinic to be seen by the haematologist. Usual procedure, nothing new. Blood pressure, blood test etc. As much as this is the only community that understands my illness I still get weird looks as I sit down amongst the African & Caribbean’s. The shade of brown separates us, our biology links us. No one speaks to me because I’m the anomaly but I wish I could talk to them, to know that I’m not the only one who has pain. You see Sickle Cell is a mask. You can’t tell anything is wrong with me, but every time I see the doctor he tells me my lungs are smaller, my blood is thicker and reassuringly says “it’s common to have a stroke or go blind”.   My whole world seems to crumble in these few moments and I think what is the point?

But there is a point, because while I have my eyes, my arms and legs I will learn with the White people, eat with the Asian people and dance with the Black people, and this is my community. Because no matter what colour I am or how different my body is I have the strength, like everyone else, to wake up everyday and live it. And by living means to do. It’s a verb! To stretch your arms out and reach, to open your eyes and read, to open your mouth and help and to walk and try something new. So don’t hold back, no matter how big or small your action is, remember you are the only person that disables yourself. Because your mind is the controller.