An Exquisite Expression Of Nature


Strip away the vanity, the textbooks and takeaways and step into a lush burdened forest. Smell the moist scent that the rain has left on the rich crumbs of the soil. Where the burnt golden leaves have fallen take each step acknowledging the crisp sound they make beneath your feet. That’s the sound of progress.

The dark textured trees that surround you are the pillar of stability that guides you when you’re lost. But each one of them has a different pattern, a different engraved ridge that has a story to tell, because a woodpecker may have chipped at it, or a person may have etched some words to capture a moment in time.

Ahead the scene is blinding with beauty. Glistening with diamond rain drops from the night before merged with a rose sunrise. The music of birds TWEETING seems vivacious as the blue, white, orange and red colours soar the skies effortlessly with grace. Interweaving between the canopy of emerald trees, fluttering the warm breeze under their wings.

And your lips begin to curve upwards with a genuine smile, ignited by the sun. Nothing seems important, yet everything seems cherishable. Look at the charity nature provides, feel the energy the sun provides.

And the rhythm of this journey is heightened with the beat of a bubbling brook. The wishing noise the water makes as it clashes against rocks, is the same noise that you hear on the streets as people bustle through their day. But here it is beautiful, because golden fish flutter through dazzling streams. Splashes are the bounces of life. You can tickle your fingers through the water and allow it to trickle away the beads of angst you’ve been clenching. How magical is it that clear water can make white clouds in haste and turquoise silk in tranquil?  

Look at the ruby’s that hang from branches. Lye down on the grass and look at the tattoo it imprints on your wrist. Witness life effortlessly thrive, as the spectrum of the sky transforms and the stars twinkle like a wink from your crush. Embrace the knowledge that tangible things can’t tell you; that you too are an exquisite expression of this field.