Magic School

Teaching lights a spark in someone else’s heart & makes their dreams a reality.

It makes another person smile because they know something that they did not before.

It is a piece to a puzzle. Education provides CONFIDENCE because you learn to understand something.

Whether it be learning your mental arithmetic to learning a bit of slapstick, learning to sing or learning to clean, it’s all a step on a ladder that never ends. It strengthens your soul and strengthens your mind.

Learning is beautiful, and everyone in this world learns something to surpass another day. Therefore, we are all in this school together. And it is not a competition because while I’m studying at night to get my A, a homeless person is learning what paper will be terse enough to get through the day.

I know what I can give to you, but, I don’t know what you can give to me… and that’s the MAGIC that we can make TOGETHER