Living Your Dreams


We are all born with a potential to be the greatest people in this planet. Do you not ever ask yourself if Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, David Beckham, can do it then why can’t I?

When we are young we are full of enthusiasm, full of excitement of what life can offer us, full of energy. We are curious about life. We run through the playground like we are invincible, jump from pillar to post like the power rangers, without any fear.  We are able to love unconditionally, trust people easily, and develop dreams of what we can become in life.

 I had it set I wanted to be an astronaut and work for NASA, so my mum bought me loads of science books, I had a rocket shaped alarm clock. Then my imagination flew to the other side of the world where I wanted to be a Bollywood Actress so I used to practise all the dance moves (should have really started with the language barrier)!   

But as we grow up we lose focus of ourselves and become more concerned with our social groups. While on one hand we have feasts of fun we lose our personal potential. We gradually get talked out of our dreams. We get told we are too small or too tall. The economy is not in the right state for what we want to do. Gradually we take on limiting beliefs, and the values and behaviours of other people. We listen to our friends because we have a desire to fit in, and we get told not to stand out from the crowd, but to follow the right fashion trend in clothes, music and language.

We get told not to risk too much, because we might lose it. And if we dream too widely we’ll be disappointed. And the hardest one is not to love to easily because we’ll get hurt. And without realising it we start to moderate our dreams, and re-think what is ‘acceptable’ rather than ‘possible’. Thus, we have fitted into the crowd.

BUT for some of us it does not happen like that. Some of us have the strength of mind to ignore the doubters, to develop our own opinions and attitudes and carry on regardless towards our dreams. Because we believe in our-selves.

Look at the Paralympics STARS, these people are role models for what Iam talking about. Physically on paper, as told by doctors, it is impossible to run without legs, play ball without seeing. But if you believe it is possible in your mind then we can overt that into our physical state.

They’re the great leaders in our life. The people that have exceeded passed their circumstances.

It does not matter how small or great your dream is as long as you believe in yourself.

From January 2009, I had an extremely turbulent year. In a nutshell  I was in hospital for 8 months, with consistent crisis, caught pneumonia, had all my blood taken out and replaced (twice), had an operation, was taking 36 tablets a day, could not walk anywhere without a machine following me and what killed me the most was that I could not breathe fresh air, or see my sister. For me it was living hell. But I managed to sit my A-levels because I knew I wanted to go to university.  Not only that, I knew I wanted to be in London, where life is vibrant with endless opportunities. A month before University was to start I was still in hospital attached to machines. People around me told me it would be sensible to stay at home where I would be looked after and settled. And a month later, I was in London at University.

I hope this can show you the strength of our dreams.  To help encourage where you want to go and how you want to get there