MND & Having a Dream


Imagine there is a box of questions, ideas, creation and innovation. There is knowledge to make a difference and the skill to help someone. To be able to read between the lines and know what to do to fix the problem. There is the power to break something and make something. And in this box there is emotion and love that could be a smile of reassurance, a wink of confidence and a hug that can protect. There can be comedy to make people laugh, or sympathy that symbolises care. With all the elements that are in this box there is a recipe for a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer or an architect. An artist, a dancer, a singer, a writer and chess player. A scientist or an assistant, a parent and a chef.

But this box is locked and the key will never be found. Don’t you think it is such a waste, unfortunately it has been lost in haste. Fact: whatever was in this box would have made a difference.

Now imagine there is a person with arms and legs, chest and back. Mouth and nose, ears and eyes. A heart and lungs, a liver and a kidney. And that’s it.

The box that is locked is called Motor Neuron Disease. Everything for a person with this is disabled, I mean everything…even speech…but they can blink. That box is full of life, just as the brain is still alive, but, it is trapped because of physical ailments.

Let’s look at the person who has motor but is still not moving. They have their legs yet they still need support. They pick a seat and get comfy, order their favourite food and pick a film to suit their mood.

These two people are alike, the sun rises and the moon glistens but nothing changes. I wonder what would happen if you could put the two together, wouldn’t it be amazing?

In the city I see there are people who put themselves in the hood, and then there are those who wish they could… see the skylines, drive in the fast lane and race to their dream.