Brunel’s Bridge


(12/10/15) WOW! I wrote this piece two years ago and reading back on it I wouldn’t change a thing. Two years later I can still say that the people I’ve met at Brunel are still the same people who are on my bridge (plus a few more additions). The journey still continues and who knows which way it is going write now, but I still have the same people which I can only be grateful for. I’m guessing that if you went to Brunel you can definitely relate to this one, and it will bring back some GOOD memories! Enjoy:

Once again I’m in Hillingdon hospital and no matter what pain I feel all I can think about is one thing:

How God has placed so many special people in my life.

For everyone who has attended Brunel, it has been a significant part of their lives. Whether it be an institution to get a degree for your dream job, or a journey to gain independence. A remote place to get away from home, a stadium to exercise your sport. For some people partying was the highlight…nights filled with colour, laughter music and memories! And for the vast majority the library was second to none…curled away in the night with pages of SPSS, Shakespeare and Foucault.

But for me, what connected me to this remote place, is the people. We all know Brunel isn’t in the heart of London but the heart of London is in Brunel because with people from all spectrum’s of the city, (and the out of towners) I have formed unconditional relationships with people who are years younger, shades different and languages apart from me. People who I cannot say I have had decades of friendship with but we’ve shared enough smiles and stories where you know at any moment in time that person will be there.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel was an engineer and designed bridges and for four years I never understood the significance of this until now.
Every single person has brought a piece of that bridge to me, whether it be through a joke, a lesson, a smile, a trip to mcds, a film, advice or just small talk on the strip, the contribution all my acquaintances and friends have made to me have been vital in my journey. Without them my bridge would be incomplete.

Even though it has been tough and hard, stressful and intense without my bridge I wouldn’t have been able to walk through it. You can never be alone here because at Brunel no matter what obstacles may come your way there is always someone to hold your hand. No one can write my dissertation for me, but I have people here who I didn’t know 12 months ago supporting me and adding to my bridge. And I have people who I met 4 years ago who have laid the foundations of a relationship built on trust and loyalty.

While I’ve been watching everyone graduate this week, some of whom have been my friends some just passers by…I have realised what makes the people here so unique is that while we are so very different we have all walked the same strip and shared compassion through it to make it through another day, to pass another exam and to enjoy another year.

The times I have been in hospital whether it has been for weeks or hours, I have had someone by my side, people who don’t have to be there but are through their own kindness. And it made me realise that people do care. Take away the pointless tit for tat here and you will find genuine people who share their time with you. Irrespective of physiological distinctions, at the heart people have passion.

For me, that bridge Brunel made is support, which is something I have built with the people on my journey.  Without that I wouldn’t be able to take the steps to my next chapter.