Maybe We Should Live And Then Conquest What We Believe


We live in an age where there is no glue to fix the shattered pieces of communication. To apologise or to compromise is something of  the Romans, or even Romeo, yet we all know he wasn’t real. Like an antique statue a relationship should be, and notice the tense, should be, solid and firm, with engravings that represent the journey of that conquest.  We no longer believe in myths, and courting, in wooing or bestowing..but we are socially regimented to tweeting and texting to create a community but not a unity. We no longer believe in the coloured outlines of roses and daisy’s that our picket fence gardens will see, but rather the colour of the bank note and the colour of our sleeve. The blurred outlines of the clouds above are filled with goals and visions for the future, but are not enjoyed for the showers they give us in the present. And the droplets that fall are a present, they are a reminder of our entity on the streets that we walk.  We believe in chasing stars, stardom and stardust, but is this just the American dream? Maybe we should use the pebbles and stones that are scattered around our feet to remind us of what we actually have and to make a house with the bricks that were used to shatter a window but now can be used to provide a shelter. and Maybe we should look at the people around us and take them for who they are, not what they were or who they will be. Maybe we should live in the moment to build success, that way when they look back they will see our conquest and not hear of our defeat!

“The thing I like most about time is that it is not real. the past exists only in our memories the future exists in our imaginations, if our watches were accurate it would say now” – FreeWestMemphis3