Love Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect It Just Needs To Be True


Love has different dimensions. It has different spectrums with different lengths. Sometimes it can take you across oceans and sunsets, through cold winters and scorching summers. Sometimes it can hold your hand for 60 seconds and disappear. Love can be tangible you can hold it and cherish it forever and always. Trust it to always be there through your ups and downs. Honour it with actions and humble it with words. Sometimes love is all you need when everything has gone. When the streets are empty. It can paint a picture for you on a plain white canvas and it can path a way in bustling cities. You can walk through Piccadilly circus and love will turn the lights into fireworks. Love can be sitting silently with you as you watch your favourite film, a horror film, a thriller. Love can make you put pen to paper and produce electricity.

Love can feel empty and cold. It can leave you feeling lost in a forest full of commotion. Love can leave unanswerable questions, leave an outlined space in your bed that makes you fill it with wasted emotion. It can fly away so fast before you can blink, before you can make sense of it, before you even see it. It can trigger you to act irrationally and justify it with confusion. It can become a grey cloud trickling sweats of rain. It can sometimes feel unstable and although it takes you back to the innocence of your childhood it sits you on a see saw rocking forward and backward.

Love is an engine it leaks a whiff of speed and excitement and takes you on a journey. You steer it to take you to your destination. It may take you all night and all day, it may take you 5 minutes and 5 seconds. I guess love is incomprehensible, undefined, exclusive and elusive. Sometimes it is a trampoline that throttles you into the air and once you’re up there you don’t know what your going to catch,see,feel and taste. Suppose it’s just that thing that effects every one of us, yet no rules can be written to know how to control it. It can tap into our memory and simultaneously take us into the future. Sometimes it’s unknown territory and sometimes it’s familiarity. All I know is that love is there.