Snakes & Ladders

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When something or someone makes you so angry it’s best to write it down, then to vocalise it. But disappointment is the biggest hurt. When someone breaks your trust they disrespect you in so many ways. Yet it happens on a daily basis. People lie, and people are deceitful, and where has it all come from because I’m sure no-one indoctrinates malice.

I guess the pressures of the world, to be the best, and look the best; to be popular and to know what the streets are talking about mean your playing the game “every man for themselves”, instead of “family”. You’re tough enough to lie and think the other person is tough enough to take it.

To be soft and to be kind, seems novel but to be brash and bold is brave. To hold back tears appears to be a sign of strength because your holding back emotion, what comes out instead, still emotion..but through actions and daggers of words, surely a trickle of water is less harmful.

What’s the thing that changes from kidulthood to adulthood, that flicks the switch on, where all the once soft toys now have hard edges. I’m working in a school and the year sevens are cute like cats, and the year elevens are running around like rats. I guess it’s experiences and the way people have behaved towards you that you learn from, and we have all been exposed to different things. But to let go of the dismal memories and to rejoice in the happiness you have around… and there is happiness because even in the darkest cave there is guaranteed sunlight the following day, is probably the bravest thing of all. To hold onto an intangible hope that tomorrow will be brighter, if you take a step towards it.

So being angry doesn’t really account to much because now I’ve finished writing I have forgotten what the fuss was about and know that being at the bottom of the ladder means you can only climb up. It’s logic really. I guess they do prepare you for adult life from nursery, because life is like a game of snakes and ladders and I know that I will finish at the top.