2014 Happy New Systems


If you are into personal development and motivation then this is for you… have a read of this article from elitedaily.com and entrepenurs.com of a fantastic way to start putting in the progress! Don’t feel overwhelmed by the idea of goal setting, it can sometimes seem like a mountain top with no direction. Instead build a ladder of the person you want to be by the end of the year with details of how you are going to get there. I would say it’s always good to set goals to apply detail and thought of how you want to improve yourself in anyway, shape or form. But do not forget the journey, that is the most important part of it. While you are on your journey from A to Z don’t forget the rest of the stops. For example; it’s like when you are on your way to a concert, that is the only thing you are focussed on and that you are excited about and you forget about the people with you and what is going on around you. Imagine if you never made it to the show…you’d be devastated, so you might as well have enjoyed the ride. So while planning ahead don’t forget that you are still in the present! Happy New Year… I hope it is the the best one yet!