What We Leave Behind

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Tears are streaming down my face as I come back to my sanctuary from the funeral of my friend. I am so lucky to have this haven that has been built for me by my mum and I appreciate that everyday. The fact that I have a bed to curl up in when times are hard and I feel the whole world enclosing upon me.

My friend was a handsome, creative, sporty, funny, assertive, intelligent, compassionate young man who I used to play with when I was a child. I regret the years that fell between us where we lost contact, but I still hold memories so close to my heart. I remember the warmth of his smile, the tone of his voice and the cheeky twinkle in his eye.

He had a brilliant turnout at the funeral, full of all the people he had encountered from primary school up until university; school friends and university lecturers all graced us with their presence sharing moments they had shared with Kyro.

He had spread so much love within 21years, well-done Kyro. And what’s left is his beautiful soul.

I see that the most important thing that we build in this life is not the biggest house, but the relationships that become the bricks of our lives. The relationships that become the foundation of friendships, family and love. The most important thing is the way we are with one another, because all in all without other people keeping us motivated and keeping us inspired what is there?

Through the smiles we give, the tender touch we give and the glistening looks that we give; we receive respect, admiration and kindness. You think that people will forget you, that it doesn’t matter if you say please and thank you to a stranger. Well yes, they will forget you, but if you show a bit of humility your essence will stay long after you have gone. At the end of the day, everybody wants to be loved. Everybody wants to be acknowledged and appreciated… when times are hard we need a shoulder to cry on and when we are happy we want someone to rejoice with.

So really when I think about it, one of the most important things is how we treat one another, because it’s only the people that will carry us when we are here and miss us when we have gone. I value the relationships that I have built; the friendships in school, college, university and work. All the conversations that you and I invested our time into because we wanted to, because we found relief or comfort in one another. I am sad that I have lost contact with some people that I was so close to growing up because without them I wouldn’t have made the decisions that I did to become the woman that I am. If you know that we used to be close but no longer are, know that I cherish the moments we shared, whether it be a little joke or an insightful debate because without them moments my memories would be incomplete.

I believe that the right people are with us at the right time…so for everyone who is around you now, know that they will fulfill a purpose that you will only recognize in the future. Today will be your past, but leave a memory that is nourishing; a smile that is healing and a hug that is rewarding.

I have realised that I want a career, where I will spend most of my time building relationships up and guiding people for a bright future, having intellectual conversations. I have just been offered my training contract for teaching!  I used to think that it was such a static career, but from my experience of working at school this year, I am learning that every interaction I consciously make will have an effect in some way, whether it be short or long term. And I know that because at the funeral today students were going up to their old teachers with bundles of gratitude, and it was the wondrous relationships that Kyro had built that allowed this to happen and for people to reunite.

I hope that everyone that I have encountered knows how irreplaceable they have been to me on my journey, and that the comments I get on my blog encourage me to keep writing. So going back to the beginning remember that when you feel lonely and like there is no escape there is always someone who cherishes the beauty of you, because you made an impact on them…and let that be the reason that you keep going on.

As I proof read this, I can see that people form links, and them links are your footsteps on your path, your connections to love, to something deeper other than materialistic goods. It maybe impossible to stay in touch with everyone but live your life full of passion, have passionate relationships and friendships, have unconditional family around you that all throttle you into happiness, make sure you tell the people that you love that you love them and leave the best legacy behind you everyday.

Rest In Peace Kyro Brookes x

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