Heroines Of Everyday


Behind the make-up, the dresses and jewellery, behind the curves and curls we are bearers of beauty, of grace and of tenderness. While in this generation we strive to be PERCEIVED as fierceless and independent against our male counterparts we also have a burning desire to be so strong that nothing; no job and no man, no friend nor family can break us, and so we battle through the day…shielded by the instructions that are given to us in glossy mags and self-help books.

I’m a soldier of that regiment too, always reading about the latest trend, looking for a flawless fashion fix and wanting to learn the eloquence of how to get what you want in a competitive world. And why? To combat rejection, to fight back against mockery and to eradicate that feeling of never being as physically strong, or wealthy or witty as the successors we surround ourselves with.

In such a competitive, cosmopolitan society women are working just as hard as men, unlike the old days. The title ‘bread-winner’ is up for grabs and everyone wants to earn it, but what does it really mean? To prove that we are capable? Doesn’t the architecture of our bodies already show our competency? The stretchmarks of pregnancy show the first signs of nurturing new life. The delicacy of our hands shows our unique craftsmanship, and the serenity in our eyes invokes the most powerful feeling of all; love.

We don’t need to compete; we don’t need a pay-check to validate our success. All we need to do is look in the mirror and see how we have made it through the day. While we often look to models, and actresses to replicate beauty, we forget that beauty comes from smiling at the end of our toughest days, because that’s what we do best.

While so many women are still subject to rape, violence, poverty, and slavery they, and we, are heroines of everyday. While we might fantasise of a fairytale story, every woman has her own novel where she has overcome and triumphed over abuse, whether it be mental or physical, big or small we have all out-shined through hard times. We have all endured pain for the sake of love. And through singing and dancing, cooking, drawing and writing, brining up children, teaching and working we celebrate our existence and shine through with endurance and strength. So don’t ever feel unworthy because you’re not covered in Gucci, feel empowered because you are covered in passion, resilience and respect.