Waiting Room


Every day we walk by these people with pale skin and walking sticks. Hunched backs and wheels chairs, not knowing or caring about who they are.  I’m in clinic again…and looking around me there are so many different people…babies to oldies all waiting to be seen. For different treatment, for different illnesses. And I guess here no one is disregarded for their ailment. Every professional, every nurse and doctor knows their name, knows their history and present, and most importantly knows their potential. They provide a living for doctors. Ironic. Everyone here feels valued in this waiting area. They’re waiting for some good news, encouraging comments. Shouldn’t they just be given it with the same valued look you’d give a gorgeous model walking past you. There’s an old man sat opposite me he’s got a white crisp shirt on which has vintage patterns in royal red across the chest. He’s just come out from a blood test and rolls his sleeve down, his coat drops to the floor and he gives a little gruff. After he’s settled he sighs heavily with relief and waits. And waits. And waits till his name is called out: Mr.Thomas. He disappears into the consulting room and appears 10 minutes later with a new found bounce in his step and a slight grin. I guess he’s got some good news. Now a nurse walks by sighing with exhaustion. When I look at the blue uniform and think about Mr.Thomas it all makes sense. Everyone’s here to do a service… The patients keep them going and they keep the patients going. It maybe one of the most mundane, boring and clinical places to be but I sort of feel at home and safe. That I’m surrounded by humanity. People are working so hard day in and day out; from the construction workers, receptionists, phlebotomists, support workers, nurses & doctors into creating a better life for each and every one of us.  I often forget that if it wasn’t for these people I wouldn’t be where I am, and so I’m just grateful to be apart of the community (although no one is talking to anyone else) to be part of something bigger right now.