The Future For Our History


Within the last decade or so we seem to have been given everything…right at our fingertips. Literally.

Who remembers Sabrina The Teenage Witch who pointed at what she wanted and it appeared…well I’m nearly there I tap at what I want, a new pair of shoes, or ordering a takeout for example and it’s there, if not instantly then most definitely with next day delivery – at the latest.

We have been given so much freedom to see what’s happening everywhere all the time, who needs to work things out or learn a new language with Google translate on your phone.

But in so many ways I feel that technology is stripping us of something deeper. Of our patience, of being able to make sacrifices, of being able to be diligent and of our integrity in some respect. Who wants to work hard for anything? I’m sure most people will say “not me”…well I do. Working hard for something provides a path to learn something, to develop, to progress, to create change and to earn something. If everything is given to us, what will ever be worthwhile?

If everyone is going online to date…. Then will chivalry be outdated as people rely on their phones to find a partner and then miss the millions of beautiful women and men walking by. Does that mean “love is blind” is just a myth now?

If everyone relies on emoticons to express emotions, which will be triggered by some sort of black and white text, then will it be obscure to hug someone for real just because you want to?

Is it weird to take out a camera and take a ‘natural’ photo, with people slipping, because surely it’s more important to get more likes with a quirky filter.

Will people even bother to give praise anymore and just quickly click ‘like’ to represent something that makes them smile instead?

Will people be tolerant through arguments and learn to be calm or will they just block and delete a person instead to erase all memory? …Well that must mean that memories lye in your minds eye and not from real experiences…hmm strange.

Who would have thought that back when we all used to buzz off snake on a Nokia 3210 that we would soon be able to talk to our phone’s to tell us how we feel.

I don’t want to lose everything that we have been given; our sight, our senses, our touch. I want to be able to be free from my phone and not be seen as incompetent because I’ve not checked my emails at least 3 times a day. Where is the liberty that we all seek in life if we are constantly switched on?

I’m a sucker for it, if my phone doesn’t even go off I still look at it for some sort of comfort… I can’t put my finger on it, but it has become a crutch. Imagine those days when you are so busy running around here and there and you don’t have time to check it, don’t you feel more alive? Does that mean that we are a generation of demand that we always have to be active and are unsettled in our own company?

Why don’t we trust ourselves to make us happy, trust the people around us to share good times and bad times with instead of relying on other people’s photos for solace.

Humanity seems to be eroding away and replaced with… apps? How bizarre to think we ourselves are stripping down our intelligence, thoughts and feelings for instant access and ease.

Our ability to love and hate will soon be measured by its efficiency. This might be our generation that we cannot massively change, which is fine because development is good, but I still want to have my identity, to have my own talents and have morals to stand for instead of the relying on the source of the Internet giving me direction. I want to be able to switch off when I’ve had enough and not just because my battery has died and for that to be the only justifiable reason why I didn’t respond.

Since when did it become socially weird to smile at another person passing by but perfectly normal to smile at your phone instead? And we figuratively LOL in replacement of awkward silences…but is anyone actually laughing out loud?

We need to upgrade our selves, technology is increasingly making us isolated individuals and slowly we might lose the ability to reach out to other people and instead we’ll be seeking advice from Siri, who doesn’t even have a brain. That means pride is going to increase, independence will decrease, insecurities will increase, altruism will decrease.

Instead of multicultural backgrounds we’ll be split by either android or apple. It’s scary to think what 2020 will be like. Technology is so annoying yet so addictive, Steve Jobs will definitely go down in history.

But what’s more important is that I retain my values that will be passed down through my history too. xxx