Monthly Archive: November, 2014

Two Sides To A Coin

So a quick post; I don’t want it to sound all dismal and gloomy because I found light from this experience and I hope you do too! I was admitted back into hospital… Continue reading

Everything Around You Is Made Up By People

There are so many people that say they are ‘ambitious’, write down that they are ‘driven’ on their CV’s and believe that after university they know what their ‘goals’ are. But these are… Continue reading

Questioning Disability

I never thought of the perspective of a disabled person until I watched this video. It has really changed my perception of disability not being a disadvantage just because someone is not aesthetically… Continue reading

Failure Is a Blessing In Disguise

If you’ve never failed how are you supposed to get back up and reach for the stars? If you’ve always had everything perfect how would you ever know that there is something better… Continue reading

What Is Your Unique Talent? Inspiration To Find It Here

Give yourself the opportunity to live to your potential. We are all special and have something beautifully uniquely different that we can give to the world no matter how big or small it… Continue reading

A Message To Say You Are Awesome

Just watch this simple yet so powerful video. We all need affirmations to feel good but this just shows that us that whether there is someone there to give us the reassurance or… Continue reading

What Do You Truly Feel?

So I’m working on my personal development and I am looking for success. Not material success but true, inner, personal fulfilment that will resonate throughout my life. I came across this video of… Continue reading

Limits Like Fears Are Often Just An Illusion

This doesn’t need much of an introduction; but what I can say is if you’re one of those people who don’t look forward to Mondays, then you must watch this…so today (Sunday) do… Continue reading

It Starts With The Vision: Secrets Of Success Video

This is one of my favourite videos, from a super talented man. But not because of what he is, but because of how he is. I used to play it to the Y11… Continue reading