Everything Around You Is Made Up By People

There are so many people that say they are ‘ambitious’, write down that they are ‘driven’ on their CV’s and believe that after university they know what their ‘goals’ are. But these are BIG words with a lot of expectation, and I am not saying that people don’t have these qualities, but I have seen so many people just throw these words around without fulfilling their ambition, and putting their drive into action to reach their goals. Especially when people are faced with a stop sign, whether that be financially, someone telling them that it’s not possible or the effort is too much, people give up way too easily.

If I had a pound for everyone that said to me that’s not ‘realistic’ I seriously would have a good savings account. Let your imagination run wild, just like when you are a child, and fulfil your dreams. They don’t ask you in primary school ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ for you to forget what excites you once you have completed the system of education. No, that’s your trampoline to say I’m now equipped to start jumping and aiming. If you’re fed up in your job that’s a sign; you need to change something. Be hungry for your life. If you have been blessed to have opportunity surround you then why are you ignoring it and then complaining about it?

Every single one of us around the world has something special, is naturally good at something and has a brain and heart to fulfil their potential. That’s all you need because the rest of the ingredients are habits. If you really believe in something try to do it everyday, whether that be telling your family you love them everyday, praying everyday, reading on your topic everyday, working towards your goal everyday. Passion is within you but you need to release it for it to have meaning.

The successful people we see on TV doing what they love and getting paid for it, it’s because they did it everyday and never listened to anyone who said they couldn’t.

Pardon his French!