December is finally here! My favourite month of the whole year; everything lights up, there’s a sense of sweet magic in the air, and home seem’s so much more comfy.

It’s the last month of the year, as you’re counting down the days till Christmas and New Year, but make each day count! For many people there’s excitement in going shopping for presents, dining in fine restaurants for work X-MAS meals and decorating the house. However, for others it can be a dismal, bleak, cold and empty time where money limits the enjoyment of the season and isolation kicks in. Don’t compare yourself to what others are doing – just do what you want to do!

However, no matter what financial situation you are in try to embrace each day with love and positivity because that’s what it’s all about. See the Christmas lights in the city and remember everything that has happened to light up your life this year.

Watch christmas and disney films and remember that feeling of being a child and having nothing to worry about. Enjoy what you’re eating (in moderation of course 😉 ) to feel that sense of fulfilment in your bellies.

Most people wish away the year waiting for the next to be better, but it’s not going to happen unless you make today wonderful so then tomorrow can be amazing!

Whatever you’re doing this month I hope each day is special for you!

Lots of Love