Am I Wrong?

This is my favourite song of the year and I wanted to share it as inspiration for you today.

Each of us has a unique essential purpose and gift to give to this world. There is NO ONE else that can be you and give what you have to give. No one else! You’re so unique and ever evolving with a changing purpose.

As we fulfil and recognise our innate talents we fulfil not only our destiny but begin to change the world. So DO NOT listen to the nay sayers and people that close the door on your dreams. You don’t need to be like anybody else, you just need to be true to yourself, and like I said, everyone is uniquely different.

Even if you fail, you are not wrong in trying to fulfil what you wanted to. One of the best feelings is going against the wind to reach the skies!

Listen to the lyrics and let the music be the melody of your day!

Lots of Love