Time, Health & Happiness

It’s been a while, I know. So much has happened in the past few months and it got to the point where my mind was racing beyond my body.

After being shot down by my illness again I called a friend up for some encouraging advice to get back on the horse. The conversation went a little like this: he said “stop being selfish!” I laughed, but he was right. “Are you where you want to be? Is your family where they want to be? Who can make that change…only you, so get up and get on it”. Short, sweet and straight to the point.

What I want to highlight is, is that time is precious. It is the most precious commodity that we all have and it is the one thing that is equal for everyone. It is the way that we chose to divide our time that makes us different.

After every crisis that I have, as soon as I get better I am dying to take over the world and use every cell in my body to be the woman I want to be and achieve all of my dreams and goals. Why? Because when I’m lying in a hospital bed the one thing I have no control over is the time that is passing me by.

Everyday is a chance for you to start fresh, to reset your clock and decide how you are going to spend your time in a way that is going to make you happy. What is the point in working in a job, spending 8 hours in an office that you hate only to come out of it and complain…to me that doesn’t make sense! Some of you maybe reading this and thinking ‘well I need to work to be able to survive’ and I agree, but don’t let ‘work’ rob you of your time whilst it’s making you just a decent salary. Truly follow your passions and manage your time so it works for you, so then you can become the person you desire to be instead of allowing your boss to tell you the person you should be.

Let your day be beautiful with your decision to take control of your time. Perhaps it could be you waking up a little earlier to fit in something that you really enjoy doing (e.g.reading, exercise, meditating, writing, drawing, cooking etc.) once you do this I promise you, you will be happier throughout the rest of the day. I was watching a Ted Talk Video by Lisa Rankin (mind-body medicine physician) who said that when we allow ourselves to be fruitful in all areas of our lives (financially, creatively, in relationships, in social networks, through fitness and especially in our minds) we are allowing our bodies to produce hormones such as oxitocin and endorphins which are our bodies own natural healing aids. When these are high we are in our happiest state in our mind which then transforms into our physiology. However, when our mind goes into stress mode these hormones are inhibited which reduces our bodies chances of naturally healing itself.

Thus, the way we spend our time is crucial for keeping our mind and body in alignment. Even just taking the time to be kind to someone, to help a friend of family member, to make someone smile…those precious minutes are having a miraculous effect.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, week, month and year spent happy & healthy!