What’s Love? Part 1

I’ve just come back from a holistic massage and reiki from a friend I met through business who has completely opened up my world again. He’s reignited what I love to do but also picked up on some of my energy one of which is love. Love can be so confusing to understand, so consuming to the point that it fuels our actions. Love is the highest energy that we have and the most healing element that we can share with one another. But right now, love is about yourself. Learn to love who you are, love what you do and love your emotions. If you are able to love yourself, know whats best for yourself, learn to say yes and no for your best interests then essentially everything you give out to the world is honest. Sometimes it can be hard to remember who we are, why we’re here…I know for the past few days I’ve been looking for a direction to my compass and it took my friend today to make me remember what I love to do regardless if money or people are involved or not, and that is to write. What is it that you truly love to do? Like really really love to do? It takes time, but love yourself to the point where you will protect yourself from any negativity. At the end of the day people come and go, and it is often the closest people to you that have the power to hurt you the most. If you love yourself, then you are shielding yourself from those who will drain you. And if you love yourself you will know how to treat someone else, because what you wouldn’t except for yourself you should never induce onto another person. I hope whenever and wherever you are reading this that you take a moment out to take a deep breath, close your eyes and think about how you love yourself or how you can start to love yourself. It’s not selfish I assure you, because once this manifests into your action only goodness will transpire for other people around you. Don’t be afraid to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ to someone you love, it is the most humbling emotion so you shouldn’t let ego get in the way of that. Just make sure that you are saying it to someone who deserves your love…and you will only know that if you love yourself first. xxx