Monthly Archive: April, 2015

From Wolf Of Wall Street, Steps Towards Vision Building

Hey there! So I’ve started a new personal development course by Jordan Belfort (AKA The Wolf Of Wall Street), former stock broker who at age 25 was making more millions then a million… Continue reading

Jewellery Owner, Mr. K: A Piece Of His Passion

I was just browsing through Facebook and saw a post from a friend that completely inspired me from his sheer honesty. I quickly called him to ask him if I could share his… Continue reading

Decisions For Success

At the moment I’m reading Think And Grow Rich – by Napoleon Hill. A game changer for any business minded, entrepreneurial, tenacious individual reaching for something better.   I was on the northern line… Continue reading

20 Something Identity Capital

WOW! This is probably my favourite TED TALK so far! If you’re 20something you have to watch this no matter where you are in the world. Psychologist Meg Jay speaks the language of… Continue reading

Am I Living Passion?

Passion is a strong word. It’s my favourite word because it fills me up with an unbridling light and when I’m actually doing my passion, which is writing, then I’m being true to… Continue reading

Waking Up To Positivity

It’s Monday morning and I am starting my week like it’s a new year. One thing that I have learnt to develop is waking up with a ‘morning ritual’. All this is is… Continue reading