Am I Living Passion?

Passion is a strong word. It’s my favourite word because it fills me up with an unbridling light and when I’m actually doing my passion, which is writing, then I’m being true to myself.

Everyone has different passions, people’s passions change and some people haven’t figured it out yet. All three are totally cool.

We live in a world though that limits our passions, fact. We live in a society (I’m talking from the U.K.) where we are told exactly what to do every single year of our lives.

Here’s an example:

1. Go to School for 5 years.

2. a) Get a Job for 50+ years or b) go to college for 2 years

[If you picked B then continue]

3. Go to university for 3 years

4. Apply for jobs [Spend max 6 months doing this]

5. Get a job for 45+ years

6. Aim to reach a salary of £30,000 by 30 years old… you’re well on your way.

7. [If you want to travel, or take time to think about what you want to do then do that between ages 17-22]

8. If you own a property before 30 then hats off to you

9. If your married and own a property before 30 then you’ve made it.

Ok so it might not be like this for everyone but there is only a small percentage of individuals that find a loop hole, the rest just go with the flow.

How about creating your own flow though? Does that sound scary? Does it sound ridiculous to be building a new path for yourself. Passion is all about that. It’s about digging deep and finding what really makes you smile and makes you feel uplifted.

Yes we all need to be earning an income to support ourselves and our families – people say money isn’t everything but it is. Without money theres no home and stability, food, and freedom. But what I really want to get at is when is it ok to balance your passion with your job?

Well your passion shouldn’t stress you out. Building your passion might be hard work but you should enjoy doing that thing no matter how hard it gets.

Will Smith said ‘being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity’ which is true but like I said before we do need some earnings and if our passions aren’t going to get us that straight away then what shall we do.

Well firstly, write down what it is that your currently doing, (jobs, activities etc)

Secondly, do you truly enjoy what your spending most of your hours doing? If the answer is yes then thats awesome keep at it and keep developing in that field. You passion will most likely be incorporated into that.

However, if the answer is no then something needs to change. Change your job if you don’t enjoy it. It’s not a crime and not only is it an act of self love and healing but people will start to respect you in the long run (even if not in the beginning), and if you are doing something that you enjoy then you will be a better person and more attractive person to be around.

I hate it when I listen to my friends moaning about their work, I can’t wait to change the subject! But when I’m around people who love their job then I feel inspired and want to know more about their life…I bet you can agree with that.

Next, is what you’re doing working towards your goals, desires and personal empire. If not then ask yourself…am I wasting my time?

But remember this one thing: Be patient. To be living your passion you will have to make sacrifices along the way, work in places you might not want to work in and earn less then 30k by 30 years, but you will be filled with a rich journey. You will feel butterflies everyday knowing that your working towards what truly ignites you.

Figure out a timetable to balance out your job and your passion if they haven’t merged into both yet. A timetable that suits you though and not your friends opinions or your boss but you.

How do you know if you’re going in the right direction?

When you truly believe that whatever it is your doing is serving your dreams.

If it feels right to you then it’s right for you, you weren’t built to follow in someone else’s footsteps but to create your own path. It is impossible to be anything but you…it’s just about how to use the talents that you have and turn your passions into  a reality.


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