Jewellery Owner, Mr. K: A Piece Of His Passion

I was just browsing through Facebook and saw a post from a friend that completely inspired me from his sheer honesty.

I quickly called him to ask him if I could share his passion with you here. Through what he has posted, I want you to know that no matter what your dreams are, business plans and goals for your future all you need to do is just start. It doesn’t matter if you’ve not built enough capital, or acquired enough knowledge, as long as you believe in your vision thats the biggest investment you need.

Jermaine Binns – Mr. K is owner and founder of Kreshendo London; A luxurious unique jewellery brand set to create individualism through accessorising and what he likes to call, wristruments.

For all business minded, driven individuals out there who are looking to make their mark in the world but just don’t know how then here it is, Mr.K’s post on how he dived into building his empire, that he loves, owns and that fuels him with passion every single day.

“Don’t get too comfortable”

For those that showed support and shared my last post thank you (here have a chocolate it’s on me)

Building a business can be very challenging, with not much sense of direction or any business acumen I simply went out there I gave it all I had!

With my first investment of £600 I sourced and bought my first batch of materials with no business plan, guidance or experience I got to work, just my iPhone and I.

Relentlessly instagramming, tweeting and posting on Facebook with no structure or even marketing plan what so ever was exhausting.

Finding like minded/ influential people to collaborate and learn from has brought me a level of freedom I dreamed about.

Fast forward 1 year 4 months now…

I’m not comfortable nor am I where I want to be, times get extremely hard and there is still a lot to learn I have made major mistakes and there are many setbacks in this game of life but hey.

So far it’s been worth it.” 

Mr K

(MR K. CEO of his own life)

Don’t be afraid of hard work, be afraid of not working hard enough.

Thank you Mr. K for sharing a piece of your passion!

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