Monthly Archive: May, 2015

Tony Robbins Incantations: Believe With Passion

Ok I need to share this with you right now, I cannot wait to post it tomorrow! A different approach from the affirmation’s that I posted. Here’s TR’s INCANTATIONS that he says, print… Continue reading

Be Passionate And Walk Away

Good Morning Monday! I’m sharing with you a video that I came across this morning. I love to take 30minutes every morning for my personal development and if things aren’t going the way… Continue reading

Jumping At 25

I’ve spent weeks thinking about the meaning of my life. I’m 25 and thinking about the woman I am, the woman I want to be and whether I’m joining the dots of filling… Continue reading

8 Powerful Questions To Bank On This Bank Holiday

Happy bank holiday! I know most people are super excited for the lye in this morning. Personally I didn’t even realise it was bank holiday because when you’re able to craft your own… Continue reading