8 Powerful Questions To Bank On This Bank Holiday

Happy bank holiday!

I know most people are super excited for the lye in this morning. Personally I didn’t even realise it was bank holiday because when you’re able to craft your own life you live it to the fullest everyday, and I’m so grateful to be able to do that.

For  the majority of whom have partied all weekend and are now sat recovering and prepping for the week ahead I’d like to give you an alternate task to do today. Would that be ok?

I want you to bank your thoughts today; collect them and orgainse them in a way that will allow you not only to have more control over your life, but to add a sense of direction, so when you go back to work or back into the office you know why you’re there and recognise the significance of the work that you are doing.

Here are 8 Questions that powerful people ask themselves, and reflect upon. I want you to know that it doesn’t matter where you are at the moment; whether you are an employee, student, employer, lost or on top of the world, just take 10 minutes out to write out the answers to these questions. I promise you that your own answers will inspire you to take action on your goals.


1. Where is my focus for the day?

Everyday is important whether it’s bank holiday or not. What can you do with your day to help build your passion. What can you do today to make someone else smile, to reach your goal or inspire another? What is it that you are going to do that’s going to take you to that next step?

Mornings are so important to set the day and powerful people realise this and utilise it. However, you can start from now and press the rest button. Focus on what is important for your day and eradicate procrastination.

2. What personal achievements do I want to manifest next?

Achievements doesn’t have to be equated to money. It could be a volunteering scheme, a marathon, learning a new skill? What do you want to conquer and what are you doing to achieve that goal?

3. What habits can I avoid?

Habits are powerful. Powerful people adopt good habits in order to stay balanced and achieve their goals. Yes it can be hard changing what your used to doing. It can be hard adopting an action that is different to what everyone else is doing, but trust me once you master a good habit it will propel you for success. What do you do that you want to cut out? Often bad habits are due to laziness of changing. Be stronger and cut it out!

4. What mistake should I have learnt from?

Life is precious, and the good moments and the bad moments all count. However, what has happened in your life that you’re not proud of? Instead of sweeping it under the carpet use it as a tool to learn something from and to grow from!

We’ve all made mistakes but it’s the ones that remind themselves of the lesson learned are the ones who are most likely not to make the same mistake again.

5. What mistakes are you willing to make?

Mistakes create your own unique and beautiful journey and make great stories to look back on. If you live a life to cautious then are you really living? Powerful people understand and know what their willing to risk and the mistakes that may be involved in pursuing their passions. Because they know that, those mistakes can be avoided and can be a lot less harmful.

6. How is my health? 

Your health is your wealth. Period.

Are you eating nutritional foods to build your body and your strength. Are you getting enough sleep so when you’re awake you are optimised for the best day possible. Don’t avoid or neglect your health. If you feel like something is out of balance; it is only a matter of time before that creates a snowball effect on the rest of your life. Check in with yourself – it’s ok to sometimes take a step back from all the excitement. Do what’s best for your body. Powerful people know that to be productive they need to be healthy.

7. Am I still on the right track?

Sometimes we get swept away with life and with what work demands of us and what are friends are doing. It’s only natural that priorities will change so check in every week to see if what you’re focussed on is still pushing you in the right direction. Give yourself timely and realistic goals. Remember never to give up on what you desire!

8. Is my end goal still important to me today as it was yesterday?

This comes down to stubborness, ego and the ability to adjust. Sometimes we get so caught up in one thing and it isn’t even what we truly want anymore. If you’ve invested a lot into something but your heart isn’t in that goal anymore don’t be afraid to change direction. It doesn’t matter if everyone else has an opinion or thinks you’re crazy, as long as you don’t.

Be flexible and and explore everything that you want to, the world is beautiful and is waiting for you!