Be Passionate And Walk Away

Good Morning Monday!

I’m sharing with you a video that I came across this morning. I love to take 30minutes every morning for my personal development and if things aren’t going the way that I had hoped then I know that I need to invest even more time to learn and develop for the success that I want, something that I learnt from one of my business partners!

So watch this video with me from one of the greatest minds, Mr. Jim Rohn:

Be different and be passionate, indulge in what is uniquely you. Living a life that you desire is the best way to live. I said this in yesterdays post too, there is so much admiration for the one who stands up from the crowd and goes against the grain and never gives up on themselves.

I know that situations and circumstances hold us down, but just like the video says start with something as little as eating an apple a day!

What are you going to start incorporating into your day to  reach out and join the 5% of the worlds success? let me know in the comment box below 🙂