Monthly Archive: August, 2015


Have you ever felt rejection? I was in conversation with a woman today and we were talking about trust. She said “I don’t trust anyone”. I said “We need to trust people. Strip… Continue reading

Make Your Mark

Every minute is another chance to start again. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our thoughts that we need to step outside and reassess ourselves, our values and expectations of our… Continue reading


What does it mean to be FLAWLESS? Is anyone flawless? The answer is No. Sorry folks but who doesn’t have their flaws? Maybe I’m wrong but from what I’ve learn’t the shiny window… Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Be Made To Feel Like You’re In The Wrong

Ok. So life has been taking its course, and I’m telling you, if you’ve experienced the quarter-century-life-crisis then let me know, it’s a real thing! You know that quote “when you hit rock… Continue reading