What does it mean to be FLAWLESS?

Is anyone flawless?

The answer is No. Sorry folks but who doesn’t have their flaws? Maybe I’m wrong but from what I’ve learn’t the shiny window reflects the outside not the in. What I mean by that is a flawless face, clear of imperfections is because that’s what society deems beautiful. A smile and politeness even when you’re raging with frustration is what is tolerated. Staying in the realms of whats acceptable, when all you feel like doing is breaking through, and mumbling “I’m ok” when all you feel like doing is screaming from the top of your lungs is that flawless?

Being flawless isn’t about what other people think of you. Being flawless is knowing you have imperfections but feeling empowered for the person that you are. Feeling full of life through the air that you breath and saying I’M GOOD ENOUGH!

It’s saying “your opinion doesn’t reflect or affect my life because I have my own mind, heart and soul to be who I want to be”.

It’s saying “I deserve to be happy”.

It doesn’t matter what state you’re in, happy, sad, depressed, lonely, tired, anxious, nervous, excited, content, not content. I want you all to set your alarm clock for the time you wake up…early as possible and name it “THIS IS MY DAY”.

You don’t need anyone to tell you you’re flawless, no-ones seal of approval. You’ve just got to wake up and feel it. (Maybe then your flaws will actually fade away).

And if that little voice inside your head comes back in to tell you that you’re not good, you’re not loved or appreciated, then tell it to shut up right there, and focus on being as flawless as you can be.

(I don’t advocate the language but I do love the energy)!

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