Have you ever felt rejection?

I was in conversation with a woman today and we were talking about trust.

She said “I don’t trust anyone”.

I said “We need to trust people. Strip away the vanity, the cars, the houses, the money, the creed, the status and what do we have, just each other. And so, we need to trust each other in order to grow and for humanity to develop.”

Now I’m the type of person who will trust you until you break it. I’m not afraid to put that out there because while people have broken my trust massively, each time it takes me a little closer to my true self. It eradicates the people that don’t deserve or can’t handle mine and your greatness.

(If you’re a graduate you will definitely understand this): It’s like when you apply to 5 uni’s and there’s one you really have your heart set on but don’t get in. For me that was UCL that rejection letter was painful, but it was the best thing ever, because it was over compensated with adventurous, fulfilling and amazing years at Brunel which now I have some of the best memories of forever.

My dad rejected me and after years and years and years I can now see the lesson in that. It made me more fiercely determined and showed me that it doesn’t matter if you have support or not, you can achieve what you want.

Being rejected or having your trust broken from people you were in relationships with has to teach you a lesson somehow. Maybe it’s sifting the rubble  away and making the path clearer for your ‘soul mate’ (I’ll talk about soul mates in another post) to meet you. I see broken relationships as a stepping stone to get you to your next destination, because you now have the characteristics or lessons to take on your next chapter of life.

Personally, the lesson from my dad taught me a thing or two about men (sorry guys)! Life is trial and error and while one path or relationship might not work out the other sure will. You’ve got to have hope.

If something or someone makes you upset or hurts you in anyway then know that that thing is not for you and walk away. Don’t hold on to toxic. Everyday is a new chance kick rejection in the face and to get the perfect opportunity for yourself.

Trust me, from having sickle cell and being in excruciating agony every time I have a crisis, it’s taught me that there’s a strength that I have within me to fight it and ride it out each time, and so in the face of any adversity I will hold on to that strength and make each day from then on worth it.

Just be you, it doesn’t need to be good enough for anyone else, just keep loving and achieving and a blessing will fall into your lap sooner or later.