The U word…an honest experience

That unemployment ‘sag’. If you don’t know what I mean then I salute you for swerving it!

It’s one of the most demoralising, frustrating and passion draining experiences, especially if you’re someone with PASSION!

So I’m going to give you an honest experience of the gloomy tunnel that I went through and a piece of my journey thus far…

After seeing the wonderful life coach Selina Barker  I was fully ready to take over the world. I was based in London, the city that exudes vibrancy, opportunity and Passion and was really excited about my future and what I wanted to create.

But that thing happened…you know what I’m talking about…that thing called life!

And so, I started an exciting job in Digital Marketing and then had to leave because of circumstances (life). I was also in and out of hospital and pretty much sinking, figuratively and literally (life).  I remember I kept saying ‘please just give me a break’.

At the beginning of summer I moved back to Manchester, thinking it would be easier to find a job here and save, and is the ‘sensible option’. Then the sag kicked in.

I think I had applied to over 90 jobs and didn’t hear back from one. I took on everyones advice, networked, used LinkedIn, followed up, tried to be creative with applications…and there was nothing but more and more sag and it really really sucked.

It started to frustrate me that it was down to someone else’s discrepancy whether you can work in environment that you want to. Whether you’re qualified enough or whether you’re competent or incompetent when all the while you know your worth. It’s up to somebody else to look at a piece of paper (your CV) and judge whether you can earn. How ridiculous is that!

Long story short, you go to university and work hard under the belief that your employability rate has dramatically increased. When the only thing that has dramatically increased is your student loan debt. (Don’t get me wrong I fully loved uni). The system sort of puts you in a position where you become so desperate for a job (something to keep you Just.Over.Broke) that the grey cloud just rains all over your seed of ambition and creativity when it comes to your career.

I think it is really important that we spend our hours, the ones we dedicate to ‘work’ to something that we are going to enjoy and not just for the need for money. I mean how dismal is that…spending 8 hours a day, for 5 days a week, for roughly 50 weeks a year, from now until how many years until your pension (let’s say 40+). God has given us life everyday, has given us a heart, a talent, personalities, purpose and it shouldn’t be wasted on something that is in fact going to drain you and make you miserable. It can be really hard though sowing the seeds for your passion whilst battling against the wind .

Question 1: How do you figure out what it is that you want to do? What is my / your passion? (The answer to this question for most people is lost under the responsibility to pay bills, rent, insurance, food etc)

Question 2: Where do I begin?

Here’s random thought: Happiness comes from being connected. 

So what I suggest:

  • Wear the clothes that make you feel important, great and powerful. It could be a suit, something comfortable or something daring. Your wardrobe is yours. Our appearance makes us feel a certain way, and that makes us think and believe and act in accordance. (If I’m in my pj’s I feel sleepy and will probably tuck up in bed and watch a film…but I’m definitely not going to get into bed in an expensive dress)!
  • Don’t wait for the opportunity…create it. This is a lot easier said then done. Do you already have an idea of something that you would ideally like to do? Try to narrow it down and make it specific and plan baby steps of how you can do something now to start your journey. (This is something that I got from Selina… setting yourself small projects).
  • Believe in yourself and be happy inside first. If you’re not then let’s work on this…I’ll be posting about personal development soon so stay tuned for that. But go back to the drawing board and do the things that make you happy…play like you’re a child that has no worries.What was it in school that you loved? Making music, drawing, drama, writing, sport, gaming…. go back to that state and be present in that feeling of peace and joy.
  • Don’t stress about achieving everything now (which is something that I hold my hands up to). Just do a little bit everyday. My next book that I want to get stuck into is ‘The Compound Effect by Darren Harding). The jist of it is to understand that the small things everyday amount to the big things that we want to create. I suggest this be your next book to and we can exchange notes!
  • It doesn’t matter if everyone has your idea or nobody has it. Google what your ‘passion’ is and you’ve already taken the first step to on your journey!

So where I’m at now…

Well I do constantly stress about what I’m doing and whether I’m achieving enough and it does actually stop me from taking action. I’m so ambitious and after talking to a fellow Sagittarius it’s definitely a trait that runs through us December babies. However, I’ve started a job that is great and right now I’m enjoying and more importantly accepting where I am. As Tony Robbins says it’s progress that keeps us going and adds to our satisfaction. I know that my intention is right, my ambition is soaring and I’m back on my journey. Who knows which way the road will lead…but I’m starting the ignition to get to the next destination! You can start to build the life you want in the smallest way, everyday…but first be the person you want to be everyday!

I know someone, somewhere reading this will totally be able to relate and  will be nodding their head whilst reading this… I hope my vulnerability in sharing my ‘sag’ story lets you know that you’re not the only one! (Every good story has to have a dip for it to get better 😉 ).

If you have any positive comments I would love to read them below!

Muchos love

SS x