To Trust Or Not To Trust

Trust is being genuine.

Trust is a balance between your heart and your head.

Trust is unconditional.

Trust is being confident.

Trust is safety. A blanket. A parachute.


Trust has been on my mind all week, trusting in things and people in my own life. And I’ve come to experience that trust…so far doesn’t last. It’s such a special thing like a thin silver string especially between two people, and once it’s broken everything that was built begins to fall.

However, I don’t think it’s permanent. I think that if two people are really strong, really really strong and true  and genuine they can build it again. I’ve witnessed it happen. I tend to trust people instantly until they break it. I never thought to question people if they hadn’t given me a reason to. Maybe I didn’t want to look for the bad in a person first but wanted to see the good.

But when someone breaks your trust it’s the best test to show true character. When the mask is stripped who is the real person underneath?

In the society we live in, people have too much choice, and I think it can make people selfish. When of the biggest trust breakers is lies, big or small. When you know yourself, you’re mature and have good intention there is no need to lie to yourself or to others because you know what’s good for yourself and what’s not. It’s called standards. 

When you’re a coward though that’s when you start lying, to yourself and to everyone around you, and that’s when you begin to hurt people and break that special thing; trust. Cowards can come in all shapes and forms. Can be dressed to the nines and can be the loudest person in the room, but empty inside.

Trust can’t be seen, it can be felt. It’s knowing in you’re heart and your head that this is right. Not having to question and having complete blind faith in love or another person. It’s such a beautiful thing and rare. Look at how intricate we all are…it’s mad that someone can put that feeling inside you and at the same time take it away. So that makes me question… if it can be taken away was it ever real?

I know right now that the most important thing is to trust in yourself. To know that you have love, compassion and amazingness inside of you that will take you to where you need to be next. Not everything may go your way, but when it does it will be damn worth it. Things happen and trust is broken to teach you a lesson, to develop you as a person and to put you on a different path.

My reaction to trust: I know what I deserve, what I expect, what I want and what my values and standards are and will trust the people that truly compliments all of those. If you’re like me then trust in yourself that if you give out the best it will return to you. If you’re a trust breaker…then I guess you’ve got a lot of work to do.

If you’ve had your trust broken don’t let it stop you from achieving everything that you want and trusting another person again. Let it guide you to trust in something better next time.

If you’re in a relationship where you have complete trust then I hope it lasts forever for you. You have something special!

Trust is being proud!

SS x

Feel free to comment below, what does Trust means to you? I would love to know!