I don’t know why but I feel like this is a special post. I’ve been thinking about writing it all week, it’s just itching to come out of me.

I want to talk about change. That one thing that we cannot control.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the quotes about “the future is in your hands…you control your destiny…”.

Well what about when things change that we cannot control, that changes the things that we thought we controlled? What about when you work really hard for something, for a job, a house, an experience, a relationship and someone else takes it away from you. I know a lot of people will jump to “well it’s a test or it’s not meant to be…bla bla”.

Sometimes we really get excited for change and want a change, for something better, a new hair do, a new house, a change in scenery, a change in pay check. These changes are because we’re not satisfied with our current selves and something just needs to change to re-check our emotions and make us feel good. Which is fine.

Sometimes change means progress and progress equals growth which translates to happiness. I love this sort of change (keeping a journal / a diary can really show you how far you’ve come, it’s especially good when you’re change can sometimes feel slow).

I guess change is good because it stretches us. I’ve had so much change the past 12 months.

From October 2014: I was living in a really nice flat in London and joined a Network Marketing Company which was great.

Nov ’14: Moved into my grandparents, developed new skills and gained new friends.

Dec ’14: My age changed! 😉

Jan ’15: My home based business started to boom!

Feb ’15: My personal development was progressing, I was becoming stronger, and went away.

March ’15: Fell in love and fell in hospital

April ’15: Change in experiences (of being in a relationship) all good! My mindset started to change, I wanted more…from my career and from life

May ’15: Spent more time in my relationship

June ’15: Moved in with my cousin

July ’15: Job changed,

August ’15: Moved again back to Manchester!

September ’15: Everything changed! (Less time in a relationship and more time worrying about life)!

October ’15: New job change, single and a change in focus!


I have felt a mix of emotions throughout the year, excited, loved, powerful, weak, lost, alone, content, not-content, fabulous, not so fabulous. Everything just keeps changing, inside and out. External change effects your internal change of emotions and sometimes it can be tiring.

Why can’t we just find our happy place and stay there? I know everyone says there’s a lesson in everything…but sometimes that lesson isn’t clear. I guess our experience govern our hearts, and our hearts govern our feelings and in turn our thoughts which come through in our actions.

We are all working towards that same goal: Love. Love for what we do, a love for who we are and for who we are with. But there is so much change in achieving that!

As the world changes around us, we change. Just thinking about the change that’s happened in my year I know that I’ve changed as a person and I know that I’m stronger then ever, even though I’ve been at my weakest too. I saw a quote on instagram, it said: I suffered, I learned, I changed. 

I guess that’s it.

If you’re in a relationship where you are changing together then I truly admired that, but there is a daring thin line of changing for someone! You  can both be uniquely changing but still working towards a common goal (this is a topic for another post)!

If you’re in a situation where you’re life changes because you’ve been dealt a bad hand of cards, like having an illness for example, or circumstance changing you’re plans then although you cannot change that situation, you do have one hand to change what YOU do next.

Change has to happen. I’m going to make it my mission to find a silver lining or a gold nugget in each change, I set the same challenge for you too. Starting from today, whatever happens next, wherever the road may lead, find the diamond for where you are at now and be ready for that next change. Let’s embrace it together. We may not be able to control the changes that happen to us but understanding it is far more important for us to make the next change. Each change is us evolving…you can decide what into!


SS x