And The Journey Continues…

If you’re following me on this journey of finding your PASSION, then let me update you on my week, that proved some pivotal points for progression.

So I experienced ‘unfair dismissal’ this week at work. I won’t go into it too much but basically I encountered a bad duo.

Lesson 1: First things first, just because someone has authority, that doesn’t mean they have integrity.

Lesson 2: Secondly, don’t let anyone try to belittle you, stand your ground, know your worth and fight for your rights.

My post last week about change is rather relevant this week, because yet again there is more change happening, some of which is in my control and some of which is not.

Lesson 3: Take advice from people but always listen to your heart.

Lesson 4: Life is unfair.

Lesson 5: Make it fair.

I’m at a place now where I need to make decisions, and the best bit of advice I’ve had this week is to add value to yourself in order to add value to the world. Which is exactly what I’m going to do. October is nearly over and a lot has happened, however, everyday this month I have woken up with the intention of having a good day, to have a good week, to have a good month. Although, this month hasn’t been the best I definitely have grown and learnt a lot with a lot of laughs.

Lesson 6: Actually this month has been good, bad things that don’t serve me have been removed and good people have come into my life.

As hard as it is, keep dressing up and showing up with a smile. Laugh about the things you can’t control and remember that a bad moment will only last as long as you want it to. Also, be prepared to be punched in the face by life time and time again. Trust me, every time I get the ship sailing theres a thunder strike and a new hole in the sail. What I mean is, every time I get myself back up, I get knocked down BUT I can feel it stretching me into a better and stronger person. I can literally say now “what’s next…I’m ready for it”!

Finding your passion and living your passion is hard, because it’s being quintessentially you. It can be scary and sometimes it’s easier to go under someones wing, but no-one remembers that person hidden in someone else’s shadows. Empower yourself by being the best version of you and by reacting to situations with grace.

Right now strength means to keep believing in yourself.

Passion Sanah Shaikh Never Give UP Journey

Passion Sanah Shaikh Journey

Passion Sanah Shaikh Journey

SS x