I’ve just finished this book. If you loved EAT PRAY LOVE (like me), or if you’re on your journey to discovery, or fluttering through creativity you have to read this. I bought it as my holiday read but didn’t start until I got back. It was a really good, easy read that I managed to finish it in 2days, I literally couldn’t put it down. It definitely re-ignited my creative spark but I feel a lot calmer about things now after reading this, like “don’t worry, just follow the magic”. I’ve got my favourite page book marked, where Liz talks about choosing curiosity:

I poked about for a while in my everyday chores – writing emails, shopping for socks, resolving small emergencies, sending out birthday cards. I took care of the orderly business of life. As time ticked by and an impasioned idea still had not ignited me, I didn’t panic. Instead, I did what I have done so many times before: I turned my attention away from passion and towards curiosity.

I asked myself, Is there anything you’re interested in right now, Liz?


Even a tiny bit?

Not how mundane or small?

It turned out there was… 

This is one of the best piece of advice I have come across recently. So don’t worry if you’ve not found your passion, follow your curiosity step by step and it may well just lead you to a new discovery that will become your passion! #BigMagic


big magic


Here’s a video of the author Liz Gilbert in conversation with Marie Forleo, it’s great!

SS x