About Time

I’ve been lesson planning. I don’t know how I got into this, but my uncle suggested that I tutor to get some money in while I look for a job. So I took his advice.

I received a call straight after I put my add up from a parent who wanted me to home-school his son; and prepare him for his GCSE English. I’m really thankful for the opportunity as it’s close to my house, a friendly family and good money. But it’s a lot of work. I’m also building my company. (and still applying for jobs). Not quite sure why I’m divulging my life story here, maybe there will be a valid point by the end, maybe not. I just need to write though and you know how much I love my blog.

I really want to move out too.

I really want to be back in London. I’m pretty sure I’ve already told you how much I bloody love London. I love how big it is, so big that you can get lost. So big that you don’t need to bump into the same people all the time, so big that there’s always something new to explore, new to see, new to eat.

But it’s so expensive.

And then there’s living at home, which is getting stressful. I won’t go to much into that.

Hmm, location & money are on my mind a lot and I don’t feel free and excited at the moment, hopefully it will pass though. Anyone got any tips?

And building my business… I really want it to match my vision, and when you’re in the early development stage (on your own) the hardest part  is keeping up the momentum and motivation. (Mine hasn’t dropped) but, it’s hard trying to create something tangible out of an idea.

My passion right now is to be free. To not have to worry about money but be able to live and do what I want. I don’t see why that’s unrealistic…we’re all on this earth and have our own lives surely we shouldn’t have to be imprisoned init against our will! It’s not like it was our choice to be born, so why should we live a shit life!

OK that’s a bit deep.

ALSO, I feel like I have to do everything by myself and I think I’ve always felt like this. Like there is no-one to say to me “don’t worry everything is going to be alright for you” or “relax Sanah, I’ve got this and I’ve got you” or “it doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed”. It stems from when my dad told me my GCSE results weren’t good enough (I got 3A* 4A’s 2B’s) so not sure why he said that, but it stuck and has become embedded into my DNA. And so there’s no option for me to not make it.

It makes me ridiculously driven to keep pushing and pushing. I think it also makes me a bit hard, but I don’t want to talk about that either.

I’m glad we’re still in January, still got 11 months to change everything, and already I can say I’ve made two / three weeks progress (started my company, built & managing it’s social media, networking and PR) plus making an income.

I’m turning into a bit of a granny too; I love chorlix (hot chocolate and horlix) a good series, and my bed. OMG I hope this is only a winter thing!

Anyway let’s see if there’s a lesson:

I guess it’s good to keep checking in with yourself, to see what your goal is and how far you’ve come to reach that, because sometimes when you don’t see an actual change you forget about the small things your doing that count. (note to self: need to read ‘The Compound Effect’).

Lastly… I watched a really good film called ‘About Time’ I recommend everyone who is in their twenties should watch it!

SS x