Life Is About Creating

I found Chris Brown tickets dead cheap, for his show in Amsterdam! I wanted to treat myself because I had been going through a bit of a hard time and thought that I deserved a break 6months into the year (esp after setting up a company)…so without thinking it through properly I quickly bought them… my spontaneous nature came to play!


  1. None of my friends could come
  2.  I had no money – like no money what so ever. I’d been focussing so much on the company that I had abandoned having a steady income.

But I needed to fund this new purchase so I managed to get my self 2 jobs and have been literally working non stop for the past month.

So I covered No.2 and thought f*ck it to No.1 – I didn’t want to miss out!

So I boarded the plane and set off to Amsterdam!

I’m sat in dam square right now and have had the most amazing weekend. I haven’t been this happy, content and relaxed in a long time!

I’ve made so many friends being here and experienced so much. I absolutely love the feeling of just being me and free in the city.

Not scared of anything, not worried about anything.

So the Chris Brown show was AMAZING and I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re doing what you love then you’re already on the happiness journey. It’s not a destination (and before you realise that it can be a frustrating time).

I’m 26 and really don’t need to have it all figured out at all! I don’t need the commitments and conformities of society just yet, I just want the freedom to be able to learn and grow the way that I can see how to through my own lens, not anybody else’s.

For me personally that’s still being young and adventurous, creative and setting my own parameters for my own life and not listening to somebody else’s expectation.

It’s about making mistakes and fixing them and having fun in the process.

It’s about making new friends all around the world and being able to smile to yourself because you know you’ve got this.

The world is bigger then you and I, there are billions of people with their own stories so don’t worry if you fall and fail here and there, just decide what makes you happy and go for it.

I met 2 guys at the metro-link stop (after the show) who I had asked for directions from. They couldn’t speak English but could speak Arabic, Dutch, Italian, French and Spanish so pulling my GCSE skills and hearsay of Arabic together we managed to have a conversation for over an hour and it was just the most amazing thing. No flashy watches, clothes or fake chat up lines but, they spent ages haggling taxis for me and left the best impression. No judgements, no pretensions just genuine banter with people who made me feel safe in the city… I hope I bump into them again one day!

The best thing about travelling alone is that you create yourself: talk to whoever you want to talk to, eat what you want, wear what you want and rock being you!

“Life is about creating” – CB – Creating Relationships, Creating Life, Creating Memories

SS x


A few of my snaps…


Kicking back in Dam Square


My dora the explorer selfie with cycles by the canal


Couldn’t go without a Dutch pancake!


This is not my video, but if you missed out then here you go…