So how has it ended?

Through the ups and downs this year, which through previous posts I may have mentioned that 2016 had been a roller coaster, I’m so happy to say that I am grateful for where I am right now, about to get ready and see the night through with my friends.

I have to say, since coming out of hospital it felt as though my life was rebooted, cleansed almost, as I hit my ultimate low this year and then rised to the second half of the year. I have been sat through many moments just thinking to myself, wow I am so happy, enjoying life, work and friendships; appreciating what’s right on my doorstep and having fun with it all.

Mind, body and soul have been key areas I have placed special focus on, and have accumulated a bag of tricks to keep me growing and in harmony. I have learnt to deflect any negativity and to just send love to the areas or situations that are a bit tricky.

I’ve been focussing on goals for 2017 to make my self more valuable, more knowledgeable and more open to an abundance of all good things which I am so excited about!

Having just finished a workbook from on reviewing the year, I would like to put my sincerest and utmost gratitude out there to everyone who came to visit me in hospital. Everyone that made the effort to support and message me through one of the scariest moments in my life. It still haunts me thinking back to the amount of pain and the amount of drugs endured. But when I take the time to recognise everyone that was there, I couldn’t be luckier.

I pray for everyone that has suffered this year, and from the bottom of my heart hope that the new year will bring prosperity to everyone. No matter what has happened, there’s always another chance for beauty and light to develop. Dream like you’ve never dreamed before and go have the best year of your life!

Signing of 2016 with lots of love,

SS x