“When They Go low…We go HIGH”- M.O.

This week we saw the transition of power from the Obama administration. I wanted to take this chance to really revel in the lessons from Michelle Obama, a First Lady for whom has probably been the most successful positive female role model in modern day politics, for women across the world.

She has her own style, her own voice, and her own experiences that have been truly inspirational:

  1. Keep moving forward; Never be embarrassed by your struggles or view your challenges as a disadvantage. Experiences over coming adversity are your biggest advantages. Life will put many obstacles in your path, but dust yourself off and keep moving through the pain.
  2. Be authentic; At the end of the day, by staying true to the person you are, you will find your journey incredibly liberating. What anyone thinks of you is just noise and can’t hold you back. As long as you follow your own moral compass then the only expectations you need to live up to is your own.
  3. Work hard; Wake up with a smile, no matter what your conditions are and get to work. Despite challenges be determined to fulfil your dreams.
  4. Don’t be afraid to fail; failure is the key to success. Be engaged, you are more then capable of being successful. You can do it, and you must. Be bold with your intelligence, raise your hand and ask for help when you need it.
  5. Chose your own path; what inspires YOU? Take a deep breath and trust yourself. Listen to your thoughts, act with your mind but also your heart. No matter what path you chose, make sure YOU chose it.
  6. Earn success; Success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square. Have honesty and integrity, the truth matters.
  7. Take your role seriously; People are watching what you say and what you do, be someone that you are proud of.
  8. Enjoy the balance; you don’t need to define yourself by a career or a job. Weigh up the sacrifices, some are worth it.
  9. Do what is hard; eventually you will get there. Swallow your fears and doubts and just try.
  10. Have fun; If it doesn’t sit right inside, don’t do it. Enjoy the process all the way. Don’t waste your time not having fun.

M.O’s initiative of encouraging ‘books over boys‘ has been her key to becoming the First Lady.

Don’t worry about who finds you  attractive, or who wants to be with you…be smart, be passionate and learn, the right partner will find you.

And lastly, when faced with adversity, when confronted with cruelness, unfairness, injustice and bullies remember:

when they go low…we go high!

A poised lady with flare…looking forward to seeing what she does next.