We Stand Together

It was 23.29pm on Sunday evening… I had just finished off a relaxing  weekend and was about to put my phone on do not disturb mode then my friend from down south messaged me: “Hey San…just seen stuff about an explosion, are you ok?” I had no idea what she was talking about until I switched the light on and looked at my twitter feed.

Tweet after tweet after tweet were all about the blast, the bomb, the explosion that was heard at the Ariana Grande concert an hour earlier. I started messaging my friends asking if they were ok and switched on the news and sat and watched as the terror fell upon our doorstep.

We all sat up watching in worry about what was happening, and all you could hear was siren after siren as police and ambulances swarmed to the scene.

The Manchester terror attack shocked us all…mostly because you  never think it is going to happen to you, or in your city close to where you live. Everyone thinks that they are an exception to disaster while forgetting that this has been a reality for thousands and thousands of families across the world, and it finally hit home, what it is truly like to live in fear. To not know if the next time you see your family is the last time.

It has been truly devastating to hear of all the innocent victims that lost their lives that night, and Manchester more then ever has become united as a city.


what will happen next:

Will hate crime and islamaphobia increase?

Will discrimination become more prevalent?

Will our streets be constantly patrolled by police?

It would be so sad if we didn’t grow from this experience, grow our love for one another, our respect and give more time to the ones that matter. If we didn’t evaluate what is truly important to us.

I live in the city and have seen the aftermath from the attack. While half of the city are still in mourning the other half are not letting fear get in their way.  While the government take the necessary political and economic steps  for protection what will you and I do as individuals to help? Volunteer, speak with kindness, give more love, share, look after one another.

Life is short, it is unpredictable and it can be unfair so lets find the solution. We are all here to serve: serve in our jobs, serve our families, serve our customers and clients,  serve our friends, serve God (if you believe in God), serve yourself, serve your neighbours, and the best way I know how to serve is with a smile, a conversation or positive actions.

I pray that everyone suffering from this monstrous attack and all of the vile attacks around the world are healing in some way and that we can all be better for our selves, our families and our communities.