Abseil For Sickle Cell

So this year I wanted to do something different and actively help other people. I have never before taken the initiative to raise money for a cause so doing this was a challenge in itself!

I decided to raise money for Sickle Cell. From experience I know that the only time it really matters is when I’m in a crisis, in hospital, in pain. Focus groups and charity parties are great but they don’t make a difference because when you’re in pain you forget about all of that.

The support is needed in that moment, when you feel like giving up.

So this year I set my self a challenge to raise £1,000 to be able to buy gifts and presents for people suffering and hospitalised with a crisis. The only thing that has gotten me through the bad times has been visitors coming to see me when I was unwell. So I want to return that to other people that need it too.

When I first set up my just giving page I was really nervous. I didn’t know if anyone would respond or cared and asked my aunty to start it off for me! But then the donations started flooding in, from friends and family, colleagues and even people that I didn’t know. I can’t express how humbled and grateful I have been for all of the support. It’s probably been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The moment I reached my target was incredible.


I set me self a challenge to do the UK’s Highest Free Fall Abseil and finally raised £1350 with the help of 57 supporters. The day I completed the challenge I was so proud that I hadn’t ever given up on myself even when my health and body was giving up on me. Having the strength and spirit to do this has given me more courage to go beyond any limitations that I may face and I want other people suffering with SC to feel the same too. I want them to feel supported, acknowledged and an abundance of hope. So this Christmas, while everyone is shopping for their nearest and dearest’s, I’ll be ordering 50+ gift boxes and will be delivering them to the SC patients in hospitals.

Introducing #santashaikh!

I am so thankful to everyone that has supported me throughout this challenge and to everyone that supports me on a daily basis, to the people that  are considerate and kind and patient with me and my illness. To those that make me feel on top of the world when I’m crippled in pain and need help just going to the toilet and to the ones that just hold my hand when I’m screaming down hospitals or cleaning up my sick from all of the drugs. I’ve been lucky enough to have had people from all walks of life come visit me  but being ill with no one by your side is one of the scariest feelings. (Probably my biggest fear) – which I’m sure a lot of people can empathise with.

This Christmas I want to be by the side of as many patients as possible and I can’t thank everyone enough to contributing to this special cause and making this possible!

So much love xx