“We all want to live our lives with more enthusiasm and passion, and being excited about what we do everyday and sharing our gifts with the world that’s how we cultivate joy and energy. Passion is energy, it’s the power that comes from focussing on what excites you, and when you find something that you are truly passionate about it feels like…breathing its so natural. We each have a calling, and that calling for everyone is unique as a fingerprint, and that calling is what leads you to your passion. Discover what ignites your passion, that’s your real job here on earth, let it light you up and then find a way to share that with other people. Honour your life’s true purpose and in this way you will find happiness and success”. – Oprah & Deepak.

Welcome to PASSION! I started this blog one night whilst at University in the library, swamped under books and essays I knew I wanted to write about something that was relevant, exciting and that I was passionate about. I had been doing some freelance PR and journalism at the time and knew that one day I wanted to have my own magazine; but a publication that was filled with stories of inspiration, empowerment and motivation. So here we are, (although it’s not a magazine) this is the start of my PASSION. I moved from Manchester to London  because of all of the escapade that the city has to offer; seeing the lights of Piccadilly Circus fills me with passion and is the spring board that propels me to grab life with both hands!

From this moment I want you to feel fulfilled with life, I want you to see every moment as a story that can drive you and light the fire within you. I truly believe that that the world is our oyster and that we can achieve whatever we desire. Understanding that life is art, it is a lesson, it is a roller-coaster and an expedition excites me everyday, that’s what PASSION means to me.

I will be sharing with you the artistry of my life and others as well, and about how you can start living each day with passion through your thoughts and actions.  Having a blood illness (Sickle Cell Anaemia)  myself definitely fuels me to help inspire others, so thank you for all of your support and kind feedback. I’m excited to be sharing this adventure with you!

Sanah Shaikh