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Be Inspired: Change

My good friend Pedro posted this message today on Facebook and had tagged myself and our team in it. I wanted to share it on my blog just to captivate his genuine passion:… Continue reading

Be Passionate And Walk Away

Good Morning Monday! I’m sharing with you a video that I came across this morning. I love to take 30minutes every morning for my personal development and if things aren’t going the way… Continue reading

8 Powerful Questions To Bank On This Bank Holiday

Happy bank holiday! I know most people are super excited for the lye in this morning. Personally I didn’t even realise it was bank holiday because when you’re able to craft your own… Continue reading

From Wolf Of Wall Street, Steps Towards Vision Building

Hey there! So I’ve started a new personal development course by Jordan Belfort (AKA The Wolf Of Wall Street), former stock broker who at age 25 was making more millions then a million… Continue reading

Jewellery Owner, Mr. K: A Piece Of His Passion

I was just browsing through Facebook and saw a post from a friend that completely inspired me from his sheer honesty. I quickly called him to ask him if I could share his… Continue reading

Decisions For Success

At the moment I’m reading Think And Grow Rich – by Napoleon Hill. A game changer for any business minded, entrepreneurial, tenacious individual reaching for something better.   I was on the northern line… Continue reading

NMJourney: The Beginning

So here we are with our first video from the NMJourney. The video talks for it self, but I’m so excited to be launching and following this business journey in order to make… Continue reading

It Starts With The Vision: Secrets Of Success Video

This is one of my favourite videos, from a super talented man. But not because of what he is, but because of how he is. I used to play it to the Y11… Continue reading