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Overwhelmed: Cure for SC

There’s a cure for Sickle Cell. Imagine that, there is a cure for my illness. For 27 years I’ve been told that I would have to be on antibiotics for life. That I… Continue reading

The Sun After The Storm

So what happened… June 22nd 2016 my life plummeted to the ground (No exaggeration). It had been 8months since my last crisis / hospital visits and since then I had survived a world… Continue reading


It’s 3.41am and I’m lying in a hospital bed.  I had a crisis the day before yesterday and I tried my best to manage it at home. I had woken up DETERMIND to… Continue reading

Scared Right Now

Surviving Sickle Cell

Here’s the latest: I’ve been in and out of hospital with my illness and it’s getting annoying. Feeling like I’m coming across a few to many blunders I decided to film my last… Continue reading

Waiting Room

Every day we walk by these people with pale skin and walking sticks. Hunched backs and wheels chairs, not knowing or caring about who they are.¬† I’m in clinic again…and looking around me… Continue reading

Beyond What You See

So I’m waiting in a clinic to be seen by the¬†haematologist. Usual procedure, nothing new. Blood pressure, blood test etc. As much as this is the only community that understands my illness I… Continue reading