I don’t know why but I feel like this is a special post. I’ve been thinking about writing it all week, it’s just itching to come out of me. I want to talk… Continue reading

To Trust Or Not To Trust

Trust is being genuine. Trust is a balance between your heart and your head. Trust is unconditional. Trust is being confident. Trust is safety. A blanket. A parachute.   Trust has been on… Continue reading

The U word…an honest experience

That unemployment ‘sag’. If you don’t know what I mean then I salute you for swerving it! It’s one of the most demoralising, frustrating and passion draining experiences, especially if you’re someone with… Continue reading


Have you ever felt rejection? I was in conversation with a woman today and we were talking about trust. She said “I don’t trust anyone”. I said “We need to trust people. Strip… Continue reading

Make Your Mark

Every minute is another chance to start again. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our thoughts that we need to step outside and reassess ourselves, our values and expectations of our… Continue reading


What does it mean to be FLAWLESS? Is anyone flawless? The answer is No. Sorry folks but who doesn’t have their flaws? Maybe I’m wrong but from what I’ve learn’t the shiny window… Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Be Made To Feel Like You’re In The Wrong

Ok. So life has been taking its course, and I’m telling you, if you’ve experienced the quarter-century-life-crisis then let me know, it’s a real thing! You know that quote “when you hit rock… Continue reading

Let’s Go!

So I went to see a life coach, Selina Barker, 3 weeks ago because my head simply felt like spaghetti. There are so many things that I want to endeavour and I felt… Continue reading

Surviving Sickle Cell

Here’s the latest: I’ve been in and out of hospital with my illness and it’s getting annoying. Feeling like I’m coming across a few to many blunders I decided to film my last… Continue reading

Be Inspired: Change

My good friend Pedro posted this message today on Facebook and had tagged myself and our team in it. I wanted to share it on my blog just to captivate his genuine passion:… Continue reading

Tony Robbins Incantations: Believe With Passion

Ok I need to share this with you right now, I cannot wait to post it tomorrow! A different approach from the affirmation’s that I posted. Here’s TR’s INCANTATIONS that he says, print… Continue reading

Be Passionate And Walk Away

Good Morning Monday! I’m sharing with you a video that I came across this morning. I love to take 30minutes every morning for my personal development and if things aren’t going the way… Continue reading

Jumping At 25

I’ve spent weeks thinking about the meaning of my life. I’m 25 and thinking about the woman I am, the woman I want to be and whether I’m joining the dots of filling… Continue reading

8 Powerful Questions To Bank On This Bank Holiday

Happy bank holiday! I know most people are super excited for the lye in this morning. Personally I didn’t even realise it was bank holiday because when you’re able to craft your own… Continue reading

From Wolf Of Wall Street, Steps Towards Vision Building

Hey there! So I’ve started a new personal development course by Jordan Belfort (AKA The Wolf Of Wall Street), former stock broker who at age 25 was making more millions then a million… Continue reading

Jewellery Owner, Mr. K: A Piece Of His Passion

I was just browsing through Facebook and saw a post from a friend that completely inspired me from his sheer honesty. I quickly called him to ask him if I could share his… Continue reading

Decisions For Success

At the moment I’m reading Think And Grow Rich – by Napoleon Hill. A game changer for any business minded, entrepreneurial, tenacious individual reaching for something better.   I was on the northern line… Continue reading

20 Something Identity Capital

WOW! This is probably my favourite TED TALK so far! If you’re 20something you have to watch this no matter where you are in the world. Psychologist Meg Jay speaks the language of… Continue reading

Am I Living Passion?

Passion is a strong word. It’s my favourite word because it fills me up with an unbridling light and when I’m actually doing my passion, which is writing, then I’m being true to… Continue reading

Waking Up To Positivity

It’s Monday morning and I am starting my week like it’s a new year. One thing that I have learnt to develop is waking up with a ‘morning ritual’. All this is is… Continue reading

What’s Love? Part 1

I’ve just come back from a holistic massage and reiki from a friend I met through business who has completely opened up my world again. He’s reignited what I love to do but… Continue reading