2014 Happy New Systems

If you are into personal development and motivation then this is for you… have a read of this article from elitedaily.com and entrepenurs.com of a fantastic way to start putting in the progress!… Continue reading


Something’s been missing for ages and it was this! I started a full time job and all of a sudden I didn’t have time for my blog anymore. That absence of writing made… Continue reading

With Each New Day Comes A New Year

When I think back to the amount of times I’ve been in hospital it scares me. I remember when I was younger asking my class friends in primary school  how many times they… Continue reading

Snakes & Ladders

When something or someone makes you so angry it’s best to write it down, then to vocalise it. But disappointment is the biggest hurt. When someone breaks your trust they disrespect you in… Continue reading

Love Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect It Just Needs To Be True

Love has different dimensions. It has different spectrums with different lengths. Sometimes it can take you across oceans and sunsets, through cold winters and scorching summers. Sometimes it can hold your hand for… Continue reading


I was listening to a talk this morning by Oprah which made me think twice about the relationships I have with people, and how to be the best I can be for someone.… Continue reading

Maybe We Should Live And Then Conquest What We Believe

We live in an age where there is no glue to fix the shattered pieces of communication. To apologise or to compromise is something of  the Romans, or even Romeo, yet we all… Continue reading

Brunel’s Bridge

(12/10/15) WOW! I wrote this piece two years ago and reading back on it I wouldn’t change a thing. Two years later I can still say that the people I’ve met at Brunel… Continue reading

MND & Having a Dream

Imagine there is a box of questions, ideas, creation and innovation. There is knowledge to make a difference and the skill to help someone. To be able to read between the lines and… Continue reading


Having my MUM has made up for everything I didn’t have. I wouldn’t have had my drive and ambition, my health and success if I did not have my MUM. I absolutely adore… Continue reading

True Colours

Things I’ve learnt today: We need to have an organic understanding of ourselves to be able to progress with the world tomorrow. In this way place becomes an artefact & you become an… Continue reading

Living Your Dreams

We are all born with a potential to be the greatest people in this planet. Do you not ever ask yourself if Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, David Beckham, can do it… Continue reading

Learning To Love Your Self Is The Greatest Love Of All

Don’t put your dreams to one side because of ‘situations’…but ACHIEVE all that YOU CAN with your situation Don’t waste the time we have been blessed with…but CHERISH the GIFT of every MINUTE LOOK… Continue reading

Magic School

Teaching lights a spark in someone else’s heart & makes their dreams a reality. It makes another person smile because they know something that they did not before. It is a piece to… Continue reading

An Exquisite Expression Of Nature

Strip away the vanity, the textbooks and takeaways and step into a lush burdened forest. Smell the moist scent that the rain has left on the rich crumbs of the soil. Where the… Continue reading

Beyond What You See

So I’m waiting in a clinic to be seen by the haematologist. Usual procedure, nothing new. Blood pressure, blood test etc. As much as this is the only community that understands my illness I… Continue reading